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We're proud to announce OreSpawn on it's own gaming platform!

No more glitches, no more ID conflicts, no more lag! This game has been built simply & beautifully from the ground up! The best part is... it will run on almost any computer! You won't need a gaming computer for this one... it's a game for everyone!

What is DangerZone?Edit

DangerZone is not a mod. It is an entire game all by itself. It is Orespawn on its own platform! If you try to put it in your MC mods folder, well, probably nothing will happen! New Biomes! New Monsters! New Objects! New Magic! And Morph!

Download DangerZone Edit

You can download DangerZone here

You can get DangerZone 1.0 currently with or without sound

Latest ActivityEdit

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The Main photo on the DZ website.

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